Publishing the documents online


Sphinx documentation can be hosted online.


Google drive

  1. Create a folder in Google Drive and share it as Public on the Web

  2. Upload the folder containing the HTML build, Javascript, and CSS files to this folder.

  3. Find the shareable link of the HTML folder and copy the unique identifier


    For example, if the link is then the unique id is 0B8AmLQ1728LmeHpwbEd1N0U4YTQ.

  4. So the link to your documentation will be

    For example, the link to these pages is:

Read The Docs

Turning Jekill off

You can completely opt out of Jekyll processing by creating a file named .nojekyll in the root of your Page repository and pushing that file to GitHub.

This should only be necessary if your site uses directories that begin with an underscore, as Jekyll sees these as special directories and does not copy them to the final destination.

Since Sphinx puts all the static files in a _static folder, this needs to be done, otherwise the stylesheets, etc, won’t be uploaded to the html site.